Wheel of time graphic novel pdf

This wheel of time graphic novel pdf is about the novel series. American author James Oliver Rigney, Jr.

1984, and it was published in January, 1990. He prepared extensive notes so another author could complete the book according to his wishes. The series takes place about three thousand years after “The Breaking of the World,” a global cataclysm that ended the “Age of Legends,” a highly advanced era. The Westlands” in licensed media, and by author Robert Jordan in interviews.

The Westlands contains multiple kingdoms and city-states and is bounded on the east by a mountain range. Further east is the large and predominantly insular nation of Shara, separated from the Waste by large mountain ranges and other impassable terrain. North of all three regions is the Great Blight, a hostile wilderness inhabited by evil beings. Across an ocean west of the Westlands is Seanchan, the name of a landmass and the empire that spans it. Seanchan is narrower from east to west than the other landmass, but extends most of the way between the ice caps from south to north. A large island in the northwest is separated from the Seanchan mainland by a channel. At the beginning of the series, Westlanders are unaware of Seanchan’s existence.

Age of Legends was preceded by the “First Age,” which is implied to be modern Earth. The Third Age in the Westlands was marked by two great upheavals. A thousand years after the Breaking, humanity was nearly overrun by creatures from the Blight in the “Trolloc Wars. A thousand years after that, High King Artur Hawkwing unified the region, but his death resulted in the “War of the Hundred Years” instead of an orderly dynastic succession. The division of the Westlands into nations changed completely after each of the two events. The Pattern” is a manifestation of both the physical world and people’s destinies, while “the Wheel” represents the passage of time. The Seanchan imported “exotic” creatures from other worlds, later breeding and training them.

Tel’aran’rhiod is the “world of dreams,” which connects to all of the other worlds. Aiel War and depicts the discovery by certain Aes Sedai that the Dragon has been Reborn. Emond’s Field, secretly aware that servants of the Dark One are searching for a young man living in the area. Thereafter the protagonists are frequently split into different groups and pursue different missions toward the cause of the Dragon Reborn, sometimes thousands of miles apart. The Aes Sedai also become divided on how to deal with the Dragon Reborn.

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