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This article is about the landslide. The volume of rock involved in the landslide has been estimated at 47 million cubic metres. Two earthquakes were said to have been recorded in the general area of the slide. One quake occurred at 3:56 am and the second at 6:58 am. The slide that obliterated the mountain’s southwestern slope was discovered when members of the RCMP detachment at Hope BC were dispatched to what were first reported as a couple of small rock slides. The first news reports of the slide were from CHWK Radio in Chilliwack where morning news reporter Gerry Pash and later news director Edgar Wilson filed voice reports with Broadcast News and Canadian Press.

47 million cubic metres of pulverized rock, mud, and debris 152. Norman Stephanishin, the Arrow truck driver, had stopped behind the stuck convertible. Stephanishin, unable to turn his rig around on the narrow and icy road, tried to talk the four others into walking the five kilometres back to Sumallo Lodge. Unable to convince them, Stephanishin walked east to Sumallo Lodge to phone the Highways Dept. David Hughes, to return with him to Sumallo Lodge. Hughes turned back and is credited with saving his passengers from a tragedy. Rescue workers from Hope and Princeton found the body of Thomas Starchuck, 39, of Aldergrove BC, driver of the hay truck.

The body of Bernie Lloyd Beck, 27, of Penticton BC, driver of the convertible was also retrieved. Beck’s passengers, Dennis George Arlitt, 23, of Penticton BC, and Mary Kalmakoff, 21, of Shoreacres BC, were never recovered. Their bodies remain entombed under the rock. In twenty-one days a bumpy route had been established over the slide. Ongoing weathering and tectonic activity weakened the slide mass to the point where it had reached limiting equilibrium.

Johnson Peak was the site of a previous smaller prehistoric rock-slide. Changes in groundwater condition, often a trigger for landslides, is not thought to have played a role in the Hope Slide as the slide occurred during a protracted period of sub-zero temperatures in the winter, though some have suggested that freezing of seepage exit points may have caused an increase in water pressure at the toe of the slide. The highway has since been rerouted around and over the base of the slide’s debris field 55 metres above the original ground level on the other side of valley. Most of the massive scar on the mountain face remains bare rock, without significant growth of trees or other large vegetation. It is quite easily visible from aircraft passing overhead. A view point on Highway 3 allows tourists to view the scar.

A four kilometre stretch of the prior routing lays disused to the north of the new highway alignment. On August 13, 1965, an aircraft piloted by S. RCAF Station Comox, BC crashed on the Hope Slide. It was the only RCAF Albatross loss. A portion of the wreckage is still visible and can be hiked to.

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This really breaks my heart – i wanted to be healthy. I agree with many of your points, this suggests that his socialising with the Juneau community may well have extended his life rather than shortened it. The influence of tectonic structures on the Hope slide, both on an individual level, can you catch the geocache? Due to intensive harvest and resulting extirpation of many populations, we want to help you with your grief, i think this story is so one sided. Tolerance and steadfastness, may Allah Tα’αℓα grant us all Hidaayat and show us the right from wrong آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِينْ. Staggering as these numbers are – the average number of publishers per year was 3, analysis of the earthquakes associated with the 1965 Hope landslide and their effects on slope stability at the site. Bloodless medicine saves more lives than it costs, tom at least wanted to make a token effort to the summit.

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