The master method of hypnosis pdf

How to Hypnotize Yourself Using the Best Me Technique. It is a form of sustained, focused concentration in which you become unaware of your surrounding as you the master method of hypnosis pdf your mind on other things.

Far from being akin to sleep, hypnosis brings about a hyper-aware state. With the Best Me technique of self-hypnosis, you will focus on creating virtual experiences that help you to improve self-confidence, increase incentives to attain goals, and deal with anxiety or trauma. Choose a time when you are not too sleepy. The goal is to withdraw from the world so that you can focus on the visualizing succeeding your goals. If you’re too tired, you might just nod off instead.

Eat a light meal 1-2 hours beforehand. It can be hard to focus your mind if you are either hungry or too full. Eat enough to give you energy for meditation, but not so much that you are overfull. Find a quiet place to practice the Best Me Technique. You want to find a space where no interruptions or sudden noises will pull you back to the world around you.

A small, uncluttered space in your home is ideal. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Turn off your cell phone or pager. If you have a land-line, turn off the ringer. Ask your family not to interrupt you during your session.

Sitting is best, as lying down may cause you to fall asleep. Choose a comfortable position for your legs. A classic meditative position is to cross your legs, but you may prefer to kneel, lay your legs out straight, or sit in a chair. Just be sure it is a position you can hold comfortably. A straight back will help you to breathe deeply.

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Sit in a chair if you find it difficult to keep your back straight without one. Place your hands where they will not distract you. You can place your hands on your legs or put them together in a praying position, whichever works best for you. As you prepare to employ the Best Me technique, close your eyes and take a moment to simply breathe slowly in and out.

Focus on your breathing and nothing else. This will help to clear you mind and prepare you to effectively enter a state of heightened concentration. Go through the steps of the Best Me technique. Each letter in “Best Me” corresponds to a step. It is important however, that you include all the steps to ensure that you immerse every aspect of yourself in the imagined experience. Think of a real or imagined place where you feel safe, calm, and happy. It is, however, best to stick with a place once you choose it, as this makes reaching a relaxed state easier.

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