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Torrentz will always love you. The lion and the jewel full play pdf forward this error screen to 109. This article is about the 1967 film. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

He and his brother David want to do something “big”. They decide to do a crime as a “grand gesture”. At a dinner party they learn that you cannot be charged with theft unless you intend to permanently deprive the owner of their property. David proposes stealing the crown jewels and sending letters out beforehand, showing they aren’t intending to permanently deprive.

They write and deliver the letters. Then they blow up a ladies lavatory. They put a bomb at the stock exchange and David goes to the army base, and using a tape recorder records the procedures. Michael goes to the jewel room in the Tower and hides a bomb there. David and Michael go to the base and tie up the duty officer.

They take the place of the bomb disposal expert and his assistant. They ride with the army to the Tower. The pair go into the bomb room and knock out the rather silly Colonel who went in with them and who commands the army base. David and Michael have had the alarms turned off, due to the danger of “vibration”, and use the laser to cut into the cabinets and steal the Crown Jewels. The pair set off a small bomb and a smoke bomb.

They stagger out pretending to be hurt, then escape from the ambulance taking them to hospital along with the jewels. A worldwide search is undertaken for the robbers. David and Michael enjoy the media frenzy. One week after the robbery on 23 June 1967, the letters are opened and delivered to the police. When they go to get the jewels from their hiding place they are not there. The police arrive to arrest David. Michael says he doesn’t know anything about the robbery.

Michael never delivered his letter. David is identified as the bomb expert, but the witnesses can’t identify Michael. The police investigate, but can’t break down Michael’s alibi of being at a party. David is indicted and bail is refused. The police set up a plan to make Michael think his alibi is breaking down, but Michael evades police surveillance.

We close with both brothers imprisoned in the Tower, plotting their escape. The film was shot in a number of London locations for nine weeks in the summer of 1966. Universal’s “The Jokers,” which came to the Sutton yesterday. And right away its young director, Michael Winner, justifies his name. Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? This page was last edited on 11 June 2017, at 00:30.

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