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Over 3,000 species have the insect play pdf described. The order has a worldwide distribution, but most species are found in the tropics. Many species are wingless, or have reduced wings. The nymphs are born already closely resembling the adults.

Stick insects make rhythmic, repetitive side-to-side movements. This is like vegetation moving in the wind. Also, the swaying movements may help the insects see objects against the background. Some species of phasmid are able to produce a defensive spray when threatened. 79 days at a time.

Explanations for this behaviour range from males guarding their mates against other males, to the view that the pairings are a defensive alliance against predators. Many species have a rocking motion, where the body sways from side to side, like leaves or twigs swaying in the breeze. They often use “startle displays” for defence if discovered and threatened. As a predator approaches, they flash bright colors and make a loud noise. Some species, drop to the undergrowth to escape, and open their wings momentarily during free fall to show bright colors that disappear when the insect lands.

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Others will maintain their display for up to 20 minutes, hoping to frighten the predator and convey the appearance of a larger size. They curl the abdomen upward and repeatedly swinging the legs together, grasping at the threat. If the menace is caught, the spines can draw blood and inflict considerable pain. A number of species have glands at the front which release chemical compounds. These chemicals may give off unpleasant smells or cause a stinging, burning sensation in the eyes and mouth of a predator.

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