The ineligible bachelors book pdf download

According to its website, the the ineligible bachelors book pdf download at one point had more than 25,000 students and graduates. The school and some of its more notable graduates have been the subject of controversy. In 1997, its name was changed to Clayton College of Natural Health.

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Degrees issued by Clayton may not be acceptable to some employers or institutions, and use of degree titles granted by Clayton may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions. In July 2010, the college announced on its website that it was ceasing operations, blaming a number of factors but primarily the effects of the recent economic recession. They are also seeking compensation for Plaintiffs’ “loss of time and opportunity”, among other damages. Clayton offered five degree programs and seven certificate programs. The degree programs included Bachelors and Masters of Science in Natural Health, Bachelor and Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Doctor of Education in Holistic Health and Wellness, and Doctor of Naturopathy . Companion Animal Studies, Practitioner Education Studies, and Natural Wellness Studies.

No clinical training was provided. Clayton as an “unaccredited degree supplier. Degree holders are ineligible for Oregon professional practice or licensure. Clayton under “Institutions Whose Degrees are Illegal to Use in Texas” and states: “No accreditation from a CB recognized accreditor.

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