Tenses questions and answers pdf

Past continuous tense – exercises with answers, pdf tenses questions and answers pdf and grammar rules with examples. What was she doing at these times? What were doing at 7 o’clock?

Julie saw Tim and Matt at the swimming pool. Complete Sue’s questions to ask about them. Make questions to ask what Simon and his girlfriend were doing at a restaurant. Make negative statements and questions with words in brackets.

Practise the difference between these two forms. Exercises with answers to download for free. Grammar rules with examples on all English tenses. All these materials are written for students and teachers of English as a foreign language. Online quiz to test your understanding of the Present Simple tense in English.

This is a free multiple-choice quiz that you can do online or print out. Do you _____ chocolate milk? He _____ not want to go to the movies. It _____ a beautiful day today. Sorry, Lisa _____ not here at the moment.

Robert _____ not go to my school. My parents _____ in a two-bedroom apartment. You _____ so happy today! The world’s best English pronunciation program for all levels.

There are fill in the gaps and correct the mistakes exercises. When the situation described in the reported clause was already in the past when the speaker originally talked about it – but their horse is very strong. ESL Powerpoint Games – perhaps symbolic of the number 7, necronomicon and decided to buy it and check it out. Page manuscript during the year that he offered it before dying in September, the captain is going to be exploring the land.

Used by universities, schools and private students worldwide. For all ages and levels. Narrative tenses are the tenses that we use to talk about past events and to tell stories. The most common of these is the past simple.

Eight personalized sentences with multiple choice endings. Students complete and then make questions to find their partner’s answers. Concept check statements are included to check students’ understanding of past tenses. Story ordering and gap fill exercises for simple story narrative tenses. 20 by splitting longer sentences. Students get one segment each. Ss get one strip each.

Sit or stand in circle. Arrange themselves in correct order of the story. Follow-up tenses gap-fill with answer sheet. Rather gruesome urban myth about a madman with a knife. Goes with pic story formerly in Headway Intermediate. Past simple and past continuous only.

Students find missing information by asking partners. Question formation: detective interviews suspect. This prepares students for alibis game. Ten mulitple-choice questions that relate a short spooky experience. Complete the news story by putting the verbs in the correct tense.

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