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After the county’s population overtook that of Taipei City, it was decided that the county should be upgraded to city status but could taipei tourist map pdf be renamed “Taipei City”. This rendering became official on 31 December 2010. 1620, when the local tribes were driven into the mountain areas.

Over the years, many of the aborigines have assimilated into the general population. New Taipei City in 1694 and the number of immigrants from mainland China had further increased. 1887 and the present-day New Taipei City area fell under the jurisdiction of Taipeh Prefecture. Discovery of gold and other mining minerals were unveiled at Keelung Mountain, triggering a mining boom in the region. They also issued regulations prohibiting local Taiwanese mining companies from doing mining activities, and gave the mining rights to Japanese companies.

In July 1968, the size of Taipei County was reduced by 205. Neigou and Daking Stream, the area of Taipei County was decreased by 0. New Taipei City is located at the northern tip of Taiwan Island. It covers a vast territory with a varied topology, including mountains, hills, plains and basins. In the northern part lies 120 km of coastline with gorgeous shorelines and beaches.

January is typically the coolest month and July is usually the warmest. Many agencies of the central government are located in New Taipei City due to its proximity to the capital Taipei City. New Taipei City has an estimated population of around 3. New Taipei City the third largest municipality in Taiwan in terms of foreign resident population.

The city is home to 952 registered temples and 120 churches, including 160 Buddhist-Taoist temples and more than 3,000 Taoist shrines. On average, there are two worship places in every square kilometer around the city. There are also many high technology industry, service industry and tourism industry, contributing a significant amount of GDP to Taiwan. LCD monitors and CRT monitors. 80,000 tons and transporting more than 2 millions of TEU annually.

Taiwan’s first nuclear power plant. November 2015 was cut down by 1. New Taipei has a wide range of historical, natural and cultural attractions for tourists. Guests can also learn how to make their own lanterns, paint their hopes, dreams and wishes on them, then release them to the sky in the hopes that their prayers will be answered.

Other festivals include the Yeliu Religious Festival, Cherry Blossom Season, Ching Shui Tsu Shih Rituals, Mazu Cultural Festival, Zhonghe Water Festival, Green Bamboo Shoot Festival, Tung Blossom Festival, Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival, Shimen International Kite Festival, Taishan Lion Dance Culture Festival, Color Play Asia etc. Xizhi, Banqiao, Shulin and Yingge. Sanchong, Xinzhuang, Taishan and Linkou. Retrieved on 10 June 2009. New Taipei” instead of “Xinbei” and “Tamsui” instead of “Danshui.

This page was last edited on 5 January 2018, at 22:40. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1666228125. Capital of Taiwan” redirects here. Capital of the Republic of China” redirects here. This article is about the capital city. 40th most-populous urban area in the world—roughly one-third of Taiwanese citizens live in the metro district. The name “Taipei” can refer either to the whole metropolitan area or the city proper.

Taipei is part of a major high-tech industrial area. Taipei with all parts of the island. The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a famous monument and tourist attraction in Taipei. Taipeh was formally made the provincial capital in 1894. A number of Taipei landmarks and cultural institutions date from this period. The city is today home to Taiwan’s democratically elected national government. Province of Qing dynasty China began to settle in the Taipei Basin in 1709.

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