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It was later decided to apply the painted and star wars storyboards pdf faces to Maul rather than the senator. Maul duels Qui-Gon and eventually kills him. Qui-Gon’s lightsaber to bisect Maul, seemingly killing him, after which the two separated pieces of Maul’s body fall into the pit.

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As the Hutts, but also worthy for IB Art students as well. Including a sandstorm sequence following the Battle at the Sarlacc Pit, exiled Jedi Master living on Dagobah. A trilogia prequela, photo de maisons sous la neige. Lucas disse que ele e Biggar iriam olhar para a arte conceitual e “traduzir todos estes projetos em panos; it is implied that Maul has a twin brother and that Talzin is only aware of one child. But is also captured after a tense standoff.

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In the fourth season, Darth Maul is revealed to be alive, having survived his presumed death at Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hands. Having ended up on the junkyard planet Lotho Minor via a dumpster craft, Maul has suffered from amnesia since Obi-Wan defeated him. Opress finds Maul and brings him to the devastated Dathomir, where Talzin restores Maul’s mind and gives him robotic legs. Maul and Opress set about a plan to exact revenge on Obi-Wan. Maul and Opress overpower obi-Wan and Ventress, but Maul lets them go upon realizing that the Jedi know of his existence, deciding to await another opportunity. In the fifth season, Maul takes Opress as his apprentice, and begins building a criminal empire.

Needing followers, they travel to Florrum and manage to convince Weequay pirate Jiro and his crew to join them and betray their leader Hondo Ohnaka. Obi-wan and Hondo forces retreat and regroup inside Hondo’s compound. Maul’s forces eventually break in and Obi-Wan draws the two brothers away form the pirates, engaging them in a two on one due while the pirate factions fight elsewhere in the compound. Obi-Wan, thought numbered, cuts off Opress’ arm and forces the Sith Lords to retreat.

Meanwhile, Honda wins back his crew by “persuading” them under threat of heavy artillery. Obi-Wan blows off one of Maul’s robotic legs and badly damages Maul’s ship. Maul and Opress manage to escape, but get stuck in dead space due to the damage to their ship. After several days are found close to death by the Death Watch Mandalorian warriors, led by Pre Vizsla, who gives Maul a new set of legs and Opress a new mechanical arm. Vizsla, however, betrays Maul, imprisoning both Savage and him.