Staircase reinforcement details pdf

Staircase reinforcement details pdf forward this error screen to 31. Ideal for fire escapes or potentially dangerous or high traffic stairways.

Available to 3m wide by 1m deep with 55mm, DDA complaint, nose to conform with current building regulations. Each installation will have its own criteria but there are a number of operations and procedures that are applicable in all instances. Smyth Composites have developed a unique way of displaying messages on stair treads and flooring where the message is an integral part of the product not just painted on post production. After researching many forms of grit, Smyth Composites elected to use Fused Alumina due to its superior qualities and suitability for the anti-slip applications.

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Other types such as Bauxite or Quartz are available by special order. Panels can be manufactured to any length but with a width restriction of 1500mm. Standard product range can be manufactured to literally any thickness from 2mm upward. As this is a handmade product, containing various raw materials, tolerances apply to both size and thickness which may vary depending on the specifications ordered. GRP will not drip, melt or soften in the event of fire. Flexural Strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required. A Colour Matching Service is also available.

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