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Building on post-war optimism, rural Americans security analysis on wall street pdf to the cities in vast numbers throughout the decade with the hopes of finding a more prosperous life in the ever-growing expansion of America’s industrial sector. While the American cities prospered, the overproduction of agricultural produce created widespread financial despair among American farmers throughout the decade.

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This would later be blamed as one of the key factors that led to the 1929 stock market crash. 25 million in credit to stop the market’s slide. 17 on September 3, 1929. Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. The initial September decline was thus called the “Babson Break” in the press. This was the start of the Great Crash, although until the severe phase of the crash in October, many investors regarded the September “Babson Break” as a “healthy correction” and buying opportunity. The London crash greatly weakened the optimism of American investment in markets overseas.

In the days leading up to the crash, the market was severely unstable. Periods of selling and high volumes were interspersed with brief periods of rising prices and recovery. 11 percent of its value at the opening bell on very heavy trading. Exchange, to act on their behalf. It succeeded in halting the slide.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average recovered, closing with it down only 6. 38 points for the day. The rally continued on Friday, October 25, and the half day session on Saturday the 26th but, unlike 1907, the respite was only temporary. Over the weekend, the events were covered by the newspapers across the United States. Dow for the day of 38.

The next day, “Black Tuesday”, October 29, 1929, about 16 million shares traded as the panic selling reached its peak. The Dow lost an additional 30 points, or 12 percent. The volume of stocks traded on October 29, 1929, was a record that was not broken for nearly 40 years. 14 billion on October 29 alone. After a one-day recovery on October 30, where the Dow regained an additional 28. 40 points, or 12 percent, to close at 258. 47, the market continued to fall, arriving at an interim bottom on November 13, 1929, with the Dow closing at 198.

The market then recovered for several months, starting on November 14, with the Dow gaining 18. 59 points to close at 217. 07 on April 17, 1930. The following year, the Dow embarked on another, much longer, steady slide from April 1931 to July 8, 1932, when it closed at 41.

22—its lowest level of the 20th century, concluding an 89 percent loss rate for all of the market’s stocks. For most of the 1930s, the Dow began slowly to regain the ground it lost during the 1929 crash and the three years following it, beginning on March 15, 1933, with the largest percentage increase of 15. 34 percent, with the Dow Jones closing at 62. The largest percentage increases of the Dow Jones occurred during the early and mid-1930s. In late 1937, there was a sharp dip in the stock market, but prices held well above the 1932 lows.

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