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Welsh carved wooden lovespoon with hearts, lock and wheel. There are five design elements, three hearts which also form the bowl and the ring of the science of love john baines pdf. Between these are a wheel and a padlock.

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The spoon is normally decorated with symbols of love, and was intended to reflect the skill of the carver. Due to the intricate designs, lovespoons are no longer used as functioning spoons and are now decorative craft items. The lovespoon is a traditional craft that dates back to the seventeenth century. Over generations, decorative carvings were added to the spoon and it lost its original practical use and became a treasured decorative item to be hung on a wall. 1667, although the tradition is believed to date back long before that. The earliest dated lovespoon worldwide originates from Germany, and is dated as 1664. The lovespoon was given to a young woman by her suitor.

It was important for the girl’s father to see that the young man was capable of providing for the family and woodworking. Sailors would often carve lovespoons during their long journeys, which is why anchors would often be incorporated into the carvings. Caged balls indicated the number of children hoped for. Other difficult carvings, such as chains, were as much a demonstration of the carver’s skill as a symbolic meaning. In old times, newly married couples in Norway ate with linked spoons to symbolize the linkage of their marriage.

Often the spoons and chain were made from a single piece of wood, emphasizing wood-carving craftsmanship. Similar linked spoons can be found in some ethnographic museums. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. Cardiff: Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies. East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, US: Fox Chapel Publishers. This page was last edited on 26 April 2017, at 19:17.

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