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Preserving the Knowledge of the Ancients? How do I do this, you ask? I do appreciate it if you credit the source of the scan. If you’re on dialup better start a download and go to bed! A first course in electronics, electron tubes, and associated circuits”. Civil, Industrial, and Mechanical engineers. 1950’s covering a wide variety of topics.

International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. 4th version of the book above. The Technique of Sound Reproduction”. GEC and Mullard valves of the time. GEC amp schematics, but here’s the whole book! IF amplifier stages for FM receivers.

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Includes design info and servicing help. German-language book on IF transformers and their design. Cool catalog section at the end. Handbook, this has more of the feel of the ARRL handbook of 1940. US air force about radio receivers.

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