Power electronics and its applications by alok jain pdf

Linear power circuits are widespread as voltage regulators, audio amplifiers, and radio frequency amplifiers. These were briefly popular power electronics and its applications by alok jain pdf early radio experimenters as they could be improvised from aluminum sheets, and household chemicals. They had low withstand voltages and limited efficiency.

The first solid-state power semiconductor devices were copper oxide rectifiers, used in early battery chargers and power supplies for radio equipment, announced in 1927 by L. Power handling capability evolved rapidly, and by 1954 germanium alloy junction transistors with 100 watt dissipation were available. Silicon power transistors were not made until 1957, but when available had better frequency response than germanium devices, and could operate up to 150 C junction temperature. These overcome some limitations of the ordinary thyristor, because they can be turned on or off with an applied signal. 25 A, 400 V power MOSFET in 1978. This device allows operation at higher frequencies than a bipolar transistor, but is limited to low voltage applications. 1980s, and became widely available in the 1990s.

This component has the power handling capability of the bipolar transistor and the advantages of the isolated gate drive of the power MOSFET. With the vertical structure, the current rating of the device is proportional to its area, and the voltage blocking capability is achieved in the height of the die. Uni-polar, uncontrolled, switching device used in applications such as rectification and circuit directional current control. Reverse voltage blocking device, commonly modeled as a switch in series with a voltage source, usually 0. The model can be enhanced to include a junction resistance, in order to accurately predict the diode voltage drop across the diode with respect to current flow. Up to 3000 amperes and 5000 volts in a single silicon device.

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High voltage requires multiple series silicon devices. This semi-controlled device turns on when a gate pulse is present and the anode is positive compared to the cathode. When a gate pulse is present, the device operates like a standard diode. When the anode is negative compared to the cathode, the device turns off and blocks positive or negative voltages present. The gate voltage does not allow the device to turn off. Up to 3000 amperes, 5000 volts in a single silicon device.

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