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Many musicians worked with Zimmer on stranger tides book pdf the score. Zimmer met after being given their album by a friend. To make the soundtrack album stand out, Zimmer tried to focus on the Rodrigo y Gabriela tracks, as well as providing remixes that “fit the themes”. Seven remixes overall are featured.

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The soundtrack was released on May 17, 2011, three days before the US release of the film. This track consists mainly of variations of Jack’s various themes, first heard in Fog Bound in The Curse of the Black Pearl and Jack Sparrow in Dead Man’s Chest. It is heard during the first scene in London, during Joshamee Gibbs’ trial in the Old Bailey. This track also plays during Jack Sparrow’s first appearance in On Stranger Tides. A suite of themes for the character of the same name in a Latin American style. At its simplest it is a very basic tango, featuring Rodrigo y Gabriela accompanied by a light string ensemble to connect it to the rest of the score. The track actually plays music from two separate scenes.

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