Ms exchange server 2013 tutorial pdf

Ms exchange server 2013 tutorial pdf version has been upgraded to version 2. The drawback of DDE connection is that it is slower than OPC. If you decide to use the LabVIEW DDE VIs, then you need to have the full version of RSLinx. This document was created using RSLinx 2.

5 and the LabVIEW DSC module 6. The cable model number used was 1761-CBL-PM02. RSLinx will auto-configure the device for you. If the auto-configure failed, contact Allen Bradley technical support for help. Now you should be able to see your device when browsing the tree. When you highlight the items in the window, you should see the little squares in the communication icon blinking, meaning that there is a communication link between the PC and the PLC.

You can enter any name you want for the access path. In this example the access path is ML1500. Now you should be able to access all the available registers on your PLC from any OPC client software. With the access path ML1500, the syntax to access the register N7:0 would be N7:0. Enter anything for the group name. Now you should be able to see the group in the previous window. For the access path, enter the topic name you defined previously and type the register name you are trying to get data from or writing to.

Define the group name and the update rate. If you are using RSLinx 2. Control Logix 5000 Series PLC, you should be able to browse and select the registers. This document assumes that you know Lookout.

If you do not have any previous experience with Lookout, then we strongly recommend you to go through the introductory material in the Lookout documentation. Lookout currently does not have drivers for the Allen Bradley Control Logix PLCs. First, create a new OPC Client object. Notice that there is a dot between the tag name and the item name. Add an alias, but do not use a colon or a dot. In this case, the Object Explorer will have your alias available, so you can drag that and drop it onto your control panel. 8 users must define the access path in the description field of the database.

Because RSLinx does not support browsing, you have to type the access path manually. LabVIEW using our example VI. Launch LabVIEW and open opc. Open NI Demo OPC Client. In this example we are trying to connect to register O0:0 using access path ML1500 defined in RSLinx, therefore the item name would be O0:0. Click the run button when you are ready. You should see the register data that you just connected to.

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