Microbial fermentation and production of small and macromolecules pdf

Lipases are a class of enzymes which catalyse the hydrolysis of long chain triglycerides. Microbial lipases are currently receiving much attention with the rapid microbial fermentation and production of small and macromolecules pdf of enzyme technology. Lipases constitute the most important group of biocatalysts for biotechnological applications.

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This review describes various industrial applications of microbial lipases in the detergent, food, flavour industry, biocatalytic resolution of pharmaceuticals, esters and amino acid derivatives, making of fine chemicals, agrochemicals, use as biosensor, bioremediation and cosmetics and perfumery. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Active at gastric pH levels. Optimum pH is about 3. Lipases serve important roles in human practices as ancient as yogurt and cheese fermentation. However, lipases are also being exploited as cheap and versatile catalysts to degrade lipids in more modern applications. Industrial application of lipases requires process intensification for continuous processing using tools like continuous flow microreactors at small scale.

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Lipases are generally animal sourced, but can also be sourced microbially. Measured serum lipase values may vary depending on the method of analysis. The VP1 capsid protein of adeno-associated virus type 2 is carrying a phospholipase A2 domain required for virus infectivity”. Structure of human pancreatic lipase”. Sphingomyelinases: enzymology and membrane activity”.

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