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Learning and memory are two of the most magical capabilities of our mind. Learning is the biological process of acquiring new knowledge about the world, and memory is the process of retaining and reconstructing that knowledge over time. Most of our knowledge of memory bear pattern pdf world and most of our skills are not innate but learned. Thus, we are who we are in large part because of what we have learned and what we remember and forget.

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In this Review, we examine the molecular, cellular, and circuit mechanisms that underlie how memories are made, stored, retrieved, and lost. Word Study is an alternative to traditional spelling instruction. It is based on learning word patterns rather than memorizing unconnected words. This article describes the word study approach. Word study” is an alternative to traditional spelling instruction. How do you teach spelling words?

Many teachers teach spelling by giving students a list on Monday and a test on Friday with practice in between. This type of drill and practice has earned traditional spelling instruction a reputation for being boring. That there is no big picture and no ultimate goal makes it all the more tedious. As soon as one spelling list is tested, another list takes its place. Now there is an alternative to traditional spelling instruction called “Word Study,” which is not based on the random memorization of words.

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Word study provides students with opportunities to investigate and understand the patterns in words. Knowledge of these patterns means that students needn’t learn to spell one word at a time. Of course, for every rule there are exceptions that threaten the rule. Students learn, though, that spelling patterns exist and that these patterns help to explain how to spell, read, and write words. How is word study taught? Word study is based on the notion that where a student is in his or her spelling development can serve as a guide for instruction.

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