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Each prefix has a unique symbol that is prepended to the unit symbol. Metric prefixes have even been prepended to non-metric units. Prefixes adopted before 1960 already existed before SI. Each prefix name has medical prefixes and suffixes pdf symbol that is used in combination with the symbols for units of measure.

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W’, which are the SI symbols for kilometre, kilogram, and kilowatt, respectively. Where Greek letters are unavailable, the symbol for micro ‘µ’ is commonly replaced by ‘u’. Prefixes corresponding to an integer power of one thousand are generally preferred. However, some modern building codes require that the millimetre be used in preference to the centimetre, because “use of centimetres leads to extensive usage of decimal points and confusion”. Prefixes may not be used in combination. In the arithmetic of measurements having units, the units are treated as multiplicative factors to values.

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If they have prefixes, all but one of the prefixes must be expanded to their numeric multiplier, except when combining values with identical units. The use of prefixes can be traced back to the introduction of the metric system in the 1790s, long before the 1960 introduction of the SI. Metric prefixes may also be used with non-metric units. The choice of prefixes with a given unit is usually dictated by convenience of use. Unit prefixes for amounts that are much larger or smaller than those actually encountered are seldom used.

Megagram is occasionally used to disambiguate the metric tonne from the various non-metric tons. Alone among SI units, the base unit of mass, the kilogram, already includes a prefix. For scientific purposes, the cubic metre is usually used. The kilometre, metre, centimetre, millimetre, and smaller are common. However, the decimetre is rarely used. For large scales, megametre, gigametre, and larger are rarely used.

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