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If the total gains of the participants are added up and the total losses are subtracted, they will sum to zero. Generally, any game where all strategies are Linear programming and game theory pdf optimal is called a conflict game. Zero-sum games are a specific example of constant sum games where the sum of each outcome is always zero. Situations where participants can all gain or suffer together are referred to as non-zero-sum.

Thus, a country with an excess of bananas trading with another country for their excess of apples, where both benefit from the transaction, is in a non-zero-sum situation. Other non-zero-sum games are games in which the sum of gains and losses by the players are sometimes more or less than what they began with. The idea of Pareto optimal payoff in a zero-sum game gives rise to a generalized relative selfish rationality standard, the punishing-the-opponent standard, where both players always seek to minimize the opponent’s payoff at a favorable cost to himself rather to prefer more than less. Consider for example the two-player zero-sum game pictured at right or above. Then, the choices are revealed and each player’s points total is affected according to the payoff for those choices. Example: Red chooses action 2 and Blue chooses action B.

When the payoff is allocated, Red gains 20 points and Blue loses 20 points. Now, in this example game both players know the payoff matrix and attempt to maximize the number of their points. Red could reason as follows: “With action 2, I could lose up to 20 points and can win only 20, while with action 1 I can lose only 10 but can win up to 30, so action 1 looks a lot better. With similar reasoning, Blue would choose action C.

If both players take these actions, Red will win 20 points. But what happens if Blue anticipates Red’s reasoning and choice of action 1, and goes for action B, so as to win 10 points? Or if Red, in turn, anticipates this devious trick and goes for action 2, so as to win 20 points after all? Instead of deciding on a definite action to take, the two players assign probabilities to their respective actions, and then use a random device which, according to these probabilities, chooses an action for them. 7 to the three actions A, B, and C.

7 points on average per game. The game will have at least one Nash equilibrium. If the game matrix does not have all positive elements, simply add a constant to every element that is large enough to make them all positive. That will increase the value of the game by that constant, and will have no effect on the equilibrium mixed strategies for the equilibrium. The equilibrium mixed strategy for the minimizing player can be found by solving the dual of the given linear program. If all the solutions to the linear program are found, they will constitute all the Nash equilibria for the game.

Conversely, any linear program can be converted into a two-player, zero-sum game by using a change of variables that puts it in the form of the above equations. So such games are equivalent to linear programs, in general. If avoiding a zero-sum game is an action choice with some probability for players, avoiding is always an equilibrium strategy for at least one player at a zero-sum game. For any two players zero-sum game where a zero-zero draw is impossible or incredible after the play is started, such as Poker, there is no Nash equilibrium strategy other than avoiding the play. Even if there is a credible zero-zero draw after a zero-sum game is started, it is not better than the avoiding strategy. In this sense, it’s interesting to find reward-as-you-go in optimal choice computation shall prevail over all two players zero-sum games with regard to starting the game or not.

In some cases pursuing our personal interests can enhance our collective well-being, but in others personal interest results in mutually destructive behavior. Politics is sometimes called zero sum. Pooling Game Theory and Public Pension Plan. Chapter 1 and Chapter 4.

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