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It is written in the second and third person. The prologue opens with a mystery person’s point of view on knowledge, power and killing, “People jack reacher running blind pdf that knowledge is power.

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The more knowledge, the more power. Suppose you knew the winning numbers for the lottery? You would run to the store. Same for the stock market. You’re not talking about a trend or a percentage game or a whisper or a tip. Then later you’d sell, and you’d be rich. Any kind of sports at all, if you could predict the future, you’d be home and dry.

Reacher realizes that he has no alibi for the places and times that the women were killed, and he requests a lawyer. Reacher’s lawyer girlfriend Jodie arrives, and he is released after further questioning. Jodie returns to work, and Reacher drives to his house in upstate New York that he inherited from Leon Garber. He is soon called upon by two members of the FBI team that previously questioned him. The FBI compels him to assist with the investigation by threatening to hurt him and, possibly, Jodie too. Virginia, whilst discussing information on the case. Lamarr’s stepsister, it so happens, is a woman with the same particulars as the three already killed.

The team holds several meetings at Quantico, and Reacher meets agent Lisa Harper, the woman who has to accompany Reacher wherever he goes. Harper remains outside the colonel’s office due to security clearance reasons, the colonel helps Reacher sneak out the window and arranges a four-hour trip to New York. Once there Jack targets a random pair of criminals collecting protection money and deliberately instigates a turf war between rival racketeers. By taking a certain crime lord out of the picture this effectively removes the leverage that the FBI has had over him and Jodie.

He returns to New Jersey with Agent Harper being none the wiser. The team continues the search, and the next victim is Agent Lamarr’s stepsister. Local policemen are then put on surveillance of the remaining women on the list. Eventually Reacher and Harper catch the killer. It is none other than FBI Agent Lamarr. She is in the process of killing her fifth victim when Jack intervenes. The FBI is unhappy that Reacher has killed one of their agents, murderess or not, but an accord is eventually reached.

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