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Click here for more information. Veeru and Jai’s love interests. 2002 poll of “Top 10 Indian Films” of all time. In 1990, the original director’s cut of 204 minutes became available on home media. It broke records for continuous showings in many theatres across India, and ran for more than five years at Mumbai’s Minerva theatre. The two thieves thwart the dacoits sent by Gabbar to extort the villagers. In a tough battle, Veeru and Jai are cornered.

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Thakur, although he has a gun within his reach, does not help them. Veeru and Jai fight back and the bandits flee. The two are, however, upset at Thakur’s inaction, and consider leaving the village. Thakur explains that Gabbar had killed nearly all of his family members, and cut off both his arms a few years earlier, which is why he could not use the gun. Living in Ramgarh, the jovial Veeru and cynical Jai find themselves growing fond of the villagers. Thakur’s reclusive, widowed daughter-in-law, who subtly returns his affections. Skirmishes between Gabbar’s gang and Jai-Veeru finally result in the capture of Veeru and Basanti by the dacoits.

Jai attacks the gang, and the three are able to flee Gabbar’s hideout with dacoits in pursuit. Fighting from behind a rock, Jai and Veeru nearly run out of ammunition. Veeru, unaware that Jai was wounded in the gunfight, is forced to leave for more ammunition. Meanwhile, Jai, who is continuing the gunfight singlehandedly, decides to sacrifice himself by using his last bullet to ignite dynamite sticks on a bridge from close range.

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