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Following its release, Deafheaven recruited three new members and began to tour. 2013 to wide critical acclaim, becoming one of the most praised albums of the year in the United States. 500, which the band couldn’t afford at the time. Because the duo didn’t own an electric guitar or amp at the time, the demo was written on an acoustic guitar and recorded with equipment borrowed from the studio.

Originally, Deafheaven didn’t intend to release the material, but they later sent it out to a few of their favorite blogs. Deathwish contacted Deafheaven, and originally only wanted to give their demo a wide physical release. By this point, the group already had some new material written and asked if Deathwish could release both the demo and the new material. The first release that Deafheaven released through Deathwish was a 7″ vinyl single that featured “Libertine Dissolves” and “Daedalus,” two songs that were taken from the group’s demo. The single was pressed in a limited quantity and sent out as a gift to random people that made a purchase from Deathwish’s webstore. April 26, 2011 through Deathwish. Clarke’s “year of substance abuse and debauchery.

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