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81st Season, “Flowers for Algernon”, directed by Veronikka Sylvas! Thank you to far north will hobbs pdf who auditioned.

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This is a great cast for a beautiful show! Tickets are on sale for “Heaven Cent”! Tickets are now on sale for “Heaven Cent”! Miracles abound on Christmas Eve when the divine intervention of a well-intentioned but hapless angel brings a homeless teenage girl and missionary priest to the same place at the same time. Performance dates will be December 14-17 at the Playhouse. George Cameron Grant’s “Heaven Cent” is directed by Robert Schumacher.

Based on the novel by Daniel Keyes. Rehearsals will be on a limited basis until after the holidays. Flowers for Algernon, a beautiful, touching story that is universal in its message. This play offers actors strong, interesting characters to play and with a large cast there are opportunities for actors of all ages, including children! This is the compelling story of Charlie, a mentally retarded man and the strange interweaving of his life with that of Algernon, a mouse. Experimental surgery has been performed on both Algernon and Charlie increasing their intelligences ten fold. Soon Charlie’s intelligence far exceeds that of his teacher, Alice Kinnian and even the doctors who created the operating technique!

As Charlie approaches the peak of his brilliance, Algernon shows frightening signs of regression. Soon things become a race against time in which Charlie tries to keep his new found intelligence long enough to save himself and thus continue what he and Alice have found. Will Charlie be able to save himself in time? The 2017 Community Players of Hobbs Board of Directors is proud to announce the new season! Flowers for Algernon by David Rogers, directed by Veronikka Sylvas, February 15-17, 23-25, 2018. Theatre New Mexico 10-Minute Festival, coordinated by Christie Harkness, March 9-11, 2018.

Leading Ladies by Ken Ludwig, directed by Erin Gibbs, April 13-14, 20-22, 2018. 9 to 5, a musical by Patricia Resnick, directed by Doug Levy, June 8-10, 15-17, 2018. Youth Performing Arts Workshop presents Beauty and the Beast, Junior by Alan Menken, directed by Sandy Goad, July 19-22, 2018. Five Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball, directed by Karen Widman, August 30-September 1, September 7-8, 2018. 9th Annual Haunted House, directed by Nathan Gibbs, October 19-20, 26-27, 31, 2018.

The board would like to thank everyone who submitted shows for the season for their hard work and impressive presentations. We believe these selections represent a variety of interests and genres and will provide joy to their casts, crews and audiences alike. See you at the Playhouse! SF Optimized”, system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui, “. Last chance to get in on the adventure!

A very special thanks to Jason Adams, one of our patrons who loved the haunt so much he came back a second night for more. If you’re wondering what to expect, his write up paints quite a picture. We love hearing from our patrons, whether they’ve been through the Haunt or enjoyed a play. You’d expect people who do makeup, build sets, make costumes, and act all year round to be able to put on a good haunted house, but this really exceeded anything I anticipated.

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