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Strong lateral stability begins to restore the aircraft to level flight. At the same time, somewhat weaker directional stability attempts to correct the sideslip by aligning the aircraft with the perceived relative wind. Since directional stability is weaker than lateral stability for the particular aircraft, the restoring yaw motion lags significantly behind the restoring roll motion. The aircraft passes through level flight as the yawing motion is continuing in the direction of the original roll. At that point, the sideslip is introduced in the opposite direction and the process is reversed. The most common mechanism of Dutch roll occurrence is a moment of yawing motion which can be caused by any number of factors. Because of this, the left wing develops more lift than the right wing causing the aircraft to roll to the right.

This motion continues until the yaw angle of the aircraft reaches the point where the vertical stabilizer effectively becomes a wind vane and reverses the yawing motion. As the aircraft yaws back to the left, the right wing then becomes less swept than the left resulting in the right wing developing more lift than the left. The aircraft then rolls to the left as the yaw angle again reaches the point where the aircraft wind-vanes back the other direction and the whole process repeats itself. The average duration of a Dutch roll half-cycle is 2 to 3 seconds. Some larger aircraft are better excited with aileron inputs. More correctly, this is a rudder coordination practice exercise, to teach a student pilot how to correct for the effect known as adverse aileron yaw during roll inputs. This is known as synchronised controls when done properly, and is difficult to learn and apply well.

The correct amount of rudder to apply with aileron is different for each aircraft. The origin of the name Dutch roll is uncertain. In 1916, aeronautical engineer Jerome C. The motion is oscillatory of period for 7 to 12 seconds, which may or may not be damped. The analogy to ‘Dutch Roll’ or ‘Outer Edge’ in ice skating is obvious. By 1916, the term had been imported from skating to aeronautical engineering, perhaps by Hunsaker himself. 1916 was only five years after G.

Bryan did the first mathematical analysis of lateral motion of aircraft in 1911. Italy killing its two pilots. Dutch roll during a high-speed test could be the cause. Not recognizing the Dutch roll, the crew used the rudder to stay on course, which exacerbated the instability, leading to an unrecoverable flight condition. The over-stressed tail section detached and the aircraft broke apart soon after. The aircraft returned to the airport with one flight attendant slightly injured and with serious structural damage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of America”.

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