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Death knight manga pdf material may be challenged and removed. Until Death Do Us Part Cover.

Cover of the first volume of the manga from Japan. Mamoru and Haruka are featured together. The story centers around a young girl with strong precognitive abilities. However, knowing what was to come, she spots a blind swordsman in the crowd and immediately recognizes him as her only way out. She hires him to protect her “until death do us part”, and thus begins a long road of action-packed confrontations to keep the young girl safe and her abilities out of the hands of those who would exploit them. She quickly finds sanctuary with a man named Hijikata Mamoru, a blind swordsman, ex-kendoka, and convict who is proficient in the use of a katana, and desperately runs him down in the street. Upon meeting, Haruka told Hijikata to protect her “Until Death Do Us Part.

Confirming the terms of the contract, Mamoru quickly dispatches the pursuers on her tail and took her in for protection. Soon it becomes apparent, however, that nearly the entire underground is targeting Haruka. It is then up to Mamoru, and his partner Igawa, to provide consistent and unending protection for Haruka. Needing a bit more help, contact is made with their parent company, a secret and elite vigilante paramilitary group called the Element Network.

Many different members of the Network get involved in protecting Haruka and placing her under EN protection from unknown forces who seek her ability. In turn, Haruka assists EN forces in defeating mercenaries and assassins who are out to get her and the network. Main cast of Until Death Do Us Part. To compensate for his vision, he uses glasses that project a wire-frame model of his surroundings onto his retinas. 12 years old at the start of the series.

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