Dare to dream pdf

London, where she performed under her real name Florence Dare to dream pdf. In 1911, she retired and nursed soldiers in France during the war. Late in her career, she had a big success as Mrs.

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She died in London in 1975 at the age of 87. Her father, Arthur Albert Dones, was a divorce clerk, and his wife was Harriette Amelia Wheeler. Dare was the oldest of three children. They had a brother named Jack. Her sister Phyllis was also cast in this production, and they both adopted the stage name of Dare. From 1900, she played in various pantomimes produced by F. Hicks’ wife, but she was pregnant.

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Terriss later assumed the role of Angela, and Dare’s sister Phyllis took over the role from Terriss. When Dare joined the tour, business picked up, but the tour did not solve Hicks’ financial problems, and he announced that he would take his company to South Africa. She did not join them. They married in January 1911, and, at age 23, at the height of her career, Dare retired from the theatre.

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