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This page was last edited on 3 November 2017, at 02:30. There are many equivalent ways to define a matroid, the most significant being in terms of independent sets, bases, circuits, closed sets or flats, closure operators, and rank functions. Every subset of an independent set is independent, i. Circuit graph theory pdf dependent sets, the bases, or the circuits of a matroid characterize the matroid completely: a set is independent if and only if it is not dependent, if and only if it is a subset of a basis, and if and only if it does not contain a circuit.

The collection of dependent sets, or of bases, or of circuits each has simple properties that may be taken as axioms for a matroid. The first three of these properties are the defining properties of a closure operator. Thus, graphoids give a self-dual cryptomorphic axiomatization of matroids. All uniform matroids of rank at least 2 are simple. A matroid is uniform if and only if it has no circuits of size less than one plus the rank of the matroid. Matroid theory developed mainly out of a deep examination of the properties of independence and dimension in vector spaces.

The dependent sets of columns in the matroid are those that are linearly dependent as vectors. Column matroids are just vector matroids under another name, but there are often reasons to favor the matrix representation. There is one technical difference: a column matroid can have distinct elements that are the same vector, but a vector matroid as defined above cannot. This is very much an open area. Not every matroid is graphic, but all matroids on three elements are graphic. Every graphic matroid is regular.

A signed graph, whose edges are labeled by signs, and a gain graph, which is a graph whose edges are labeled orientably from a group, each give rise to a biased graph and therefore have frame and lift matroids. There are some standard ways to make new matroids out of old ones. The dual can be described equally well in terms of other ways to define a matroid. The dual of a transversal matroid is a strict gammoid and vice versa. The cycle matroid of a graph is the dual matroid of its bond matroid. The dual operation of restriction is contraction. Equivalently, an element is a loop if it belongs to no basis.

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