Childhood disintegrative disorder pdf

An apparent period of fairly normal development is often noted before a regression in skills or a series of regressions in skills. 3 years of normal development. The regression can be so dramatic that the child may be aware of it, and may in its beginning even ask, vocally, what is happening to them. This has been described by many writers as a childhood disintegrative disorder pdf condition, affecting both the family and the individual’s future.

CDD is a rare condition, with only 1. All of the causes of childhood disintegrative disorder are still unknown. Sometimes CDD surfaces abruptly within days or weeks, while in other cases it develops over a longer period of time. Comprehensive medical and neurological examinations in children diagnosed with childhood disintegrative disorder seldom uncover an underlying medical or neurological cause. This condition leads to brain inflammation and the death of nerve cells. TSC is a genetic disorder.

In this disorder, tumors may grow in the brain and other vital organs like kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs, and skin. Loss of language and skills related to social interaction and self-care are serious. The affected children face ongoing disabilities in certain areas and require long term care. Treatment of CDD involves both behavior therapy, environmental therapy and medications. The treatment programs designed in this respect “use a system of rewards to reinforce desirable behaviors and discourage problem behavior. ABA is also widely used by a number of other health care personnel from different fields like psychologists, speech therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists with differing levels of expertise.

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Parents, teachers and caregivers are instructed to use these behavior therapy methods at all times. Sensory Enrichment Therapy uses enrichment of the sensory experience to improve symptoms in autism, many of which are common to CDD. There are no medications available to directly treat CDD. Care of the patient with an autism by the general physician”. Developmental regression in autism spectrum disorders”. Childhood disintegrative disorder: should it be considered a distinct diagnosis? Prevalence of childhood disintegrative disorder”.

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