Apache struts 2 web application development pdf

2 Tutorial, Section 2: Installing and Configuring Struts. For additional topics, updates for Struts 1. Download the Struts apache struts 2 web application development pdf file.

Unzip into a directory of your choice. Set it using the system settings. Control Panel, then System, then the Advanced tab, then the Environment Variables button. Set it in your editor or IDE. If you have JDK 1.

But, if you use JDK 1. Web applications, and rename it to whatever app name you choose. Web app onto the shortcut each time. 1, releasing, and choosing “Copy”.

This is fastest, but the documentation can get a bit out of date. To read a local copy, install the struts-documentation. Read it from the Apache site. FAQs, user guides, tutorials, and the API in Javadoc format. Java but have little or no experience with servlets and JSP. Struts, JSP, servlets, JSF, AJAX, or Java 5 programming.

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