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Please forward this error screen to 216. According to Reuters, on June 9 1998 a fomer South African government scientist told South A grand unified conspiracy theory pdf’s Truth Commission that in the final days of apartheid the government ordered its chemists to make one tonne of ecstasy, for ‘riot control’.

The scientist, Dr Johan Koekemoer, former head of chemical and biological weapons research at the secret Delta G facility, told the commission that he did not approve of the project and did not trust the motives of those who asked him to make the ecstasy, saying “I did not believe ecstasy was a good incapacitant and I told my superiors thatecstasy enhances interpersonal relationships. He personally delivered the ecstasy, in powder form, to Mijburgh between February 1992 and January 1993. At the moment, there is an ongoing commission of inquiry being held into the activities of the secret service during the apartheid years. The last few days of the inquiry have lifted the lid on the activities of a clandestine government laboratory called the Roodeplaat Research Laboratory. Evidence presented by former lab employees at the commission of inquiry this week, reveal that the laboratory produced all sorts of exotic poisons for use against anti-apartheid activists.

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These included cyanide, thallium, botulism and paraquat – and, wait for it, ecstasy. According to evidence presented this week, between February 1992 and January 1993, no less than 912kg of Ecstasy `in pure crystalline form’ was manufactured by the laboratory. Working on a tab dosage of say 125mgs, that’s enough E for 73 million hits! The evidence being presented to the commission is that the E was going to be used to `incapacitate the enemy’. The shadowy figure behind the E production was the former head of the army special operations called Wouter Basson who is now facing criminal charges for being in possession of E a year or two back.

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